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Attendees of the 2019 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting 2019

The Goal:

Expand funding sources by linking Sierra Nevada meadow restoration activities to the carbon or broader ecosystem service marketplace

This workshop will include a series of discussions led by experts in their respective field along with input from all workshop participants. Workshop participants are expected to be actively involved in these discussions and be solution-oriented in their participation.


  • Develop predictive model for meadow carbon storage

  • Test model: at least 1 randomly chosen meadow

  • Internal vetting by TAC

  • Pilot & refine

  • Choose market: volunteer or compliance

  • No Cap & Trade $ for projects on Fed lands

  • Choose standard

  • VCS, CCB

  • “Charismatic” carbon & WRAMP

  • Choose project: standalone or grouped meadow restoration projects

  • Third party verification: desk and field audits

  • Sell credits

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