Research & Monitoring Work Group

Purpose:  To establish a common set of protocols with instructions on field methods and reporting to yield a body of comparable data from all restored and protected meadows in the greater Sierra Nevada. With this large body of comparable data, critical questions that span multiple meadows within a watershed, or across regional and program areas can be addressed.



  1. Serve as a robust, replicable and cost-efficient monitoring plan to track and understand the extent and effectiveness of meadow restoration and conservation actions by employing protocols pre and post-restoration and/or conservation.

  2. Provide critical information for adaptive management of the Sierra Meadow Strategy.



Completed Sierra Meadows Wetland Riparian Area Monitoring Plan (SM-WRAMP) to include:

  1. Set of protocols and training materials to guide implementing the SM-WRAMP

  2. Develop guidance on adaptive management of the protocols. 

  3. Develop guidance on training and implement training. 

  4. Establish and coordinate long term data management and storage. 

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