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Outreach & Communications Work Group

Purpose: To cultivate strong meadow restoration networks that would maintain and grow open communications among institutions and individuals with the SMP, including private landowners. To integrate with Regional and State plans, and to work collaboratively to create a unified message about healthy meadow benefits.  



  1. To create a unified message that works to increase and diversify support for meadow restoration and clearly articulates benefits of meadow restoration using defensible data. The Communications Plan will work to send a unified message on why meadow restoration is a good investment that is persuasive to potential funders and works equally well to gain public support.

  2. To facilitate ease of communications of information relevant to meadow restoration by development of a Sierra Meadows Partnership website.

  3. To integrate the Sierra Meadows Strategy with State and Regional Planning through Policy efforts and strategic partnerships.




  1. SMP Communications Plan

  2. SMP Website

  3. SMP Meadows Video


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