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2018 Workshop Attendees

Momentum 2018

The Goal:

Bring together leaders from land management agencies, academia, non-profits, tribal groups, consultants, and source funders involved in meadow restoration to:

  1. Review progress on scientific efforts to quantify meadow greenhouse gas storage (GGRF).

  2. Advance the Sierra Meadows Strategy and workgroup deliverables.

  3. Identify how SMP strategy can meet other regional goals

  4. Share information on current meadow conservation and restoration efforts underway.

This workshop will include a series of discussions led by experts in their respective field along with input from all workshop participants. Workshop participants are expected to be actively involved in these discussions and be solution-oriented in their participation.

Expected Outcomes:

Day 1: A modernized understanding of greenhouse dynamics in Sierra meadow systems and a productive discussion on the synergy between the Sierra Meadows Partnership Strategy (SMP) and other regional efforts
Day 2: SMP workgroups share progress on deliverables and a panel discussion integrates the six workgroups into a cohesive strategy.
Day 3: Optional field trip to local meadow site with WRAMP training.


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