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2014 Workshop Attendees

Discovery 2014

Workshop Summary: In February of 2014, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and California Trout organized a workshop that brought together leaders from land management agencies, academia, non-profits, and source funders involved in meadow restoration efforts to identify key strategies and metrics used to enhance the health and long-term viability of Sierra Nevada and Cascades meadow ecosystems. A particular emphasis of the workshop involved synthesizing the state of work centered on meadow restoration, a summary of appropriate monitoring metrics, an evaluation of methodologies, and developing recommendations to inform National Forest plan revision processes. A secondary emphasis of the workshop included gathering information to guide and inform future revisions to the NFWF Sierra Nevada Meadows Business Plan. The principal outcome from this workshop was reaching a consensus about the need to draft a conservation strategies document that would inform future management of meadow ecosystems throughout the Sierra Nevada and Cascades.

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