Collecting data from a meadow

Current estimates indicate that meadows cover approximately 278,159 acres within the Sierra Nevada. Although this area makes up a relatively small fraction of the greater Sierra Nevada region, meadows’ unique hydrologic and ecological functions are recognized as being vital to watershed health and are valued for the ecosystem goods and services they provide.

Identifying meadow plant life

The Sierra Meadows Partnership was formed to foster expansion of and more effective collaboration among partners currently engaged in meadow conservation to increase the pace, scale and efficacy of meadow restoration and protection in the Sierra for the benefit of people and ecosystems.

Accessing a meadow for restoration

The Sierra Meadows Strategy is a living document intended to guide Sierra meadow restoration, protection, and conservation, by describing desired meadow conditions and how the development and application of measurable objectives to achieve those conditions can facilitate rapid, integrated, and cost effective recovery of meadows and the services they provide.

The Sierra Meadows Partnership